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Clinical Partners are the UK’s largest private mental healthcare firm.

Through a successful pitch against several leading agencies, Clinical Partners awarded us with their recruitment campaign for 2018.

Our brief was simple, recruit 100 clinicians with bonus points for Adult and child psychiatrists which were desperately required.

The life of a psychiatrist.

Understanding the people who help.

Research began by conducting telephone interviews across a range of the clinical partners membership to establish core incentives and reasons for joining, as well as insight into what could be improved to help guide our retention strategy.

What we discovered

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What we discovered was that although many clinicians had commitments with their NHS role, they were desperate for a private alternative. Many had considered starting their own practice however, lack of time and lack of convenience had postponed best laid plans.

The benefits of Clinical Partners membership was highlighted through the feedback:

  • Convenience
  • Patients matched with my speciality
  • Increase of NHS salary by an average of 20%

Practice your way.

In-line with our research findings, our creative output took the form of a mixture of print and digital ads, across publications such as the British Medical Journal, Doctors.Net, Facebook and LinkedIn to achieve an adequate reach.

Advert for Clinical Partners in the British Medical Journal
HSJ Jobs Clinical Partners advert
Large web banner advert for Clinical Partners

Increasing clinician availability 

With the main emotive insight for recruitment established, it was time to turn our attention to retention and a request from Clinical Partners to increase the availability for our future and current membership.

We solved this with a piece of behavioural economics (the science behind our choices)  called ‘anchoring’. The original sign-up process allowed clinicians to choose absolutely any hours they could spare with no minimum requirement, we changed this by offering three levels of commitment, all ‘anchored’ well above the average level to help meet growing demand.

  • A) 14-20 appointments per month
  • B) 21-30 appointments per month
  • C) 30-50 appointments per month
Clinical Partners referral campaign email 1
Clinical Partners referral campaign email 2

Referral Campaign

As an additional, organic incentive, we introduced a referral scheme which rewarded both existing clinicians for referring a colleague and the newly signed up consultant as an effective way to boost recruitment numbers, without having to pay a penny in advertising. #smart

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