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Loot Vintage Clothing


  • Google Shopping
  • Email automation
  • Design

Bristol’s most iconic independent retailer

We were tasked with increasing online sales for one of Bristol’s most iconic brands, Loot Vintage Clothing.

Our strategic approach was to focus on generating new customers with an innovative Google Shopping campaign and then to reinforce this with brand-focused emails that highlight values, promotions and champion Bristol’s independent spirit. Simple, right?

Loot Clothing, Bristol: Google Shopping Campaign
Loot: Rainy Days Email Campaign
Loot Vintage Clothing: Sportswear

The specifics

In order to make the campaign a success, we looked at the big picture when it came to customer touchpoints. From understanding how, when and why customers search for vintage clothing to what incentives and options we deliver to them on-site to creatively persuade.

UX improvements

Integration of Apple & Amazon Pay to ease the pain of payment.

Google Shopping

Setup and management to increase clicks and conversions.

GDPR audit

Convincing customers to share data after GDPR.

Email automation

Increased customer satisfaction with automated emails.

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Loot Vintage Clothing: Billboard Mockup
Loot Vintage Clothing: Adidas
Loot Vintage Clothing: Brown Nike Trainers
Loot Vintage Clothing: Hilfiger Jacket
Loot Vintage Clothing: Bearpit Cycle Ramp Bristol

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