So, in a rather commercial sense, the new John Lewis ad seems to mark the beginning of the festive advertising season and so we thought:

“Hey – this will probably generate traffic to our website soo…”

Yes our boys and girls in Victoria Street have done it again.

John Lewis’ latest 30-second (well, over 2 minutes this time) emotional roller coaster follows a “little girl named Bridget, who loves to bounce”.

Now, whether or not she will be bouncing on the 25th in -3 degrees Celsius conditions and Andy, 37, stepping off the N5 half-cut behind the fence is not for us to question, but for a mere £180 you too can replicate this moment with your offspring.

The video’s main focus follows the family pet ‘Buster the Boxer’, your quintessential English Boxer and the simplified ‘quest plot’, whereby the protagonist and some companions set out to acquire an important object or to get to a location facing complications along the way.

In this case, the urge to bounce on the trampoline, made worse by half of Camden’s wildlife partying up before he has the opportunity.

What the advert and John Lewis do really well is the ability to link beautifully animated stories with relatable family scenarios, which, over time, develops brand equity… [the reason you’re going to spend an extra 30% more with them as opposed to Amazon].

A little less known piece of content was the accompanying 360 video which allows you to take part in the bouncing action with said Wildlife.

We believe that 360 video really is the way forward in terms of audience engagement, during our work with the technology we noticed a 30% increase in the amount of time people spent watching the video (compared to regular video content).


Check out some interactive, 360 degree video footage we produced for Bristol Zoo earlier this year:

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