“We believe in ideas. Ideas that come from asking the right questions at the right time, to take our clients further using strategic-creative communication.”

When we said new year new us, we meant it literally. We’re now a little less little, and a little more Lightbulb.

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Tongue twisters aside; we knew it was time to strap on our big boy shoes to step into 2018. So we’ve ditched the little, and grown into Lightbulb. We’ve done this because we wanted to reflect the growth we’ve had as an agency since we started. And we wanted to show the evolution of our thinking as well as how we work with you; our clients.

From a social, economic and political standpoint, it’s fair to say that the world looks a lot different these days. If you also take into account the tech boom over the past decade you have a very different landscape in which to give your message to the world. Nowadays, what you say is just the start. It’s when you say it, how you say it and to whom that has to be taken into account in order to get your brand noticed.

And it seems like every day there’s a new way for conversations to be created. A new playground to become the king of if you will. From AI, Chatbots to the Internet of Things, the new toys to play with seem endless.

But even though the world we live in is changing at super speed; our brains haven’t really caught up. Whilst we may congratulate ourselves on creating the age of digital dominance; our wants, needs and fears haven’t moved along all that much. We’re still sitting around a fire, wondering where our next meal is coming from and keeping our eyes peeled for any predator who sees us as a snack.

So whilst our tone is still playful, our belief in using Behavioural and Neuro Economics to understand your customers is serious. Once woefully under-researched, over the past decade the study into why we do what we do and why we think and feel how we do has become ever more sophisticated.

Lightbulb agency brain blog

For example, in 2017 huge discoveries were made into how we make and store memories. So far in 2018 we’ve learnt how the brain recognises faces, we’ve recorded a thought moving through the brain, and found out how cells give each other information.

Having this understanding, and knowing how that impacts how we make decisions gives us more insight into your customers that any focus group or survey ever could.

So whilst we may have a few more hairs on our chest – we’ve made sure not to lose our childlike curiosity.

A curiosity that starts with the belief that only by asking ‘why’, can we help you to get your customers to say ‘yes’. We’ve created a culture to challenge our own thinking, to constantly ask questions and to never be satisfied with the status quo.

Little Lightbulb brain

We set out to be different and we reflect that in everything we do. From the ways we work with you to the importance we place in investing in our team, we’re fiercely proud of challenging what has come before us. And we can’t wait to help shape the client/agency culture going forward.

Over the following year, we will aim to provide you with monthly actionable insights, strategy and creative from our blog that means something to you and your customers.

Check back next month for our upcoming blog on “The science behind choices” which delves into the world of Behavioural Economics and decision making.

– Lightbulb

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