The crowning jewel of our recent rebrand and website launch was the beautiful animated brain you may have seen throughout our comms. We’ve had a lot of interest in how this was produced, so here’s a little look behind the scenes.

Motion graphics

Working with motion graphics was previously uncharted territory for us, so we managed to find someone creative (or crazy) enough to take on the challenge. This was no easy task, producing a piece to effectively convey what we do as a strategic agency.

Bristol Mograph brain motion graphics

Enter Rob Tyler from Bristol Mograph. A senior motion graphics genius who, if you can think it he can make it. From creating the latest in VoD ads for global video games companies to conveying what makes companies stand out from the crowd, Bristol Mograph is leading the Bristol motion graphics scene.


The gig

We tasked Rob with trying to conceptualise a rather complex service offering to pass ‘the mum test’, i.e. how do we showcase that we produce work that connects brands with customers, while hinting at the function of behavioural economics?

A touch of behavioural economics, a splash of neuroscience and some very clever motion design.

Rob was able to use an open source brain scan (I know, right?!) from the States, convert the neuroimaging into a 3D space and clean it up so that the visualisation reflected what we all come to expect from an image of the brain.

The creative direction taken was to highlight content being consumed via screens, with Lightbulb content in our brand colours reaching the brain and causing neurons to fire; our well-researched communications making an positive impression on the intended audience.

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