A t a time when artificial intelligence is hogging the headlines, with thought leaders like Elon Musk warning that AI is “a fundamental existential risk for human civilisation”, it’s important to highlight how these technologies are being used for good.

Revolving around you

Revolving around you

Machine learning will provide you with better personalisation, making for more succinct user experiences. Relevant material being presented at the right time is great for both advertisers and end users.

The way Generation Z and future generations will interact with brands is set to change dramatically, with a greater focus on accountability, speed, convenience and personal experiences. In short, much higher expectations.

Messaging via a chatbot

Chatbot… chat what?

We’re not quite yet at the stage whereby AI chatbots are fully conversational, but the technology is making leaps and bounds and can be pretty useful in a number of cases.

Most chatbots are currently task focused, meaning that they are designed to help users perform a specific task based on their input. This could be requesting an order update, setting up a reminder or booking an appointment in a reasonably conversational manner.

The best are cross-platform, meaning you could start a task on a web chat, move across to Messenger and complete it via a member system. As they get better, chatbots will be able to perform a whole range of time saving tasks and won’t require a formulaic communication style.


Content personalisation

We’ve implemented a couple of content personalisation solutions for our clients recently and they range from very simple to fully dynamic.

A basic example is displaying your potential customer’s name at the start of a case study, i.e. “Hello Michelle, we thought you’d be interested in this”. This can be surprisingly effective, increasing time spent on page and making it a memorable experience.

Hit us up if you think any of these techniques could be helpful to your marketing efforts.